Septic Inspections When Buying or Selling a Home

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Why is a Septic Inspection Important When Buying a Home   It is estimated that a modern septic system can be expected to work for 25 years at most. Fortunately, septic systems are usually able to last for even longer if you schedule periodic inspections and repairs as needed. Find out what a...

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Who Can Pump My Septic Tank?

Who Can Pump My Septic Tank? Septic tanks are becoming increasingly available in households across America. According to the EPA, 1 out of 5 homes currently uses the septic tank system. However, despite its growing popularity, users are faced with how to maintain the system. For example, can you ...

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The Ultimate Safe Guide to Safeguard Your Septic Tank from Flooding

How to Keep Rainwater Out of a Septic Tank at Home   Flooding can happen to any of you at any time. From hurricanes to poor plumbing, it’s a given that you will experience some flooding at some point in your lives. However, if you have a septic tank and don’t want to have sewage ...

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Septic Tank Problems in Indiana

Common Septic Tank Problems in Indiana Plumbing Far from the most pleasant topic, you could talk about, however, one that is absolutely necessary, septic tanks are a vital part of modern-day hygiene. When you flush, the waste content which you are disposing of is sent to the septic tank so that i...

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Septic Tanks?

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Are Septic Tanks Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?   When you purchase homeowners insurance, a lot of people don’t bother to check the specifics of the policy. The issue here is that when there is a problem with the home, you might not be 100% sure about whether or not it is covered under the p...

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What is the Average Life of a Septic Tank?

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What is the Lifespan of a Septic Tank?   Septic tanks are a sewage treatment method that can give you many years of high-quality sewage. Septic tanks are a perfect alternative to the main sewer line, and the right septic tank can give you everything you need for environmentally friendly sewage an...

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Best Septic Safe Cleaning Products and Ones to Avoid

Best Cleaning Products for Septic Tanks and Ones to Avoid Ensuring that you’re using the best products for septic tanks is integral to maintaining a healthy clean septic system. And knowing the cleaning products you should avoid is just as valuable. You might not know this, but your septic tank n...

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